How postbiotics and smart toilets could be the future of gut bacteria treatment

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News Story Source:, Rich Haridy
By studying the composition of these compounds in our stool the researchers suggest an accurate picture of our gut microbiome can be generated and future treatment targets to battle conditions such as obesity and diabetes can be developed.

Most classic treatments that work by altering gut health tend to concentrate on either prebiotics or probiotics. Prebiotics are foods or compounds consumed to help support or grow specific types of gut bacteria, while probiotics are actual live microorganisms consumed to engage known health benefits. Recently a third concept has been raised by some scientists as a better way to optimize gut health: Postbiotics.

Postbiotics are the metabolic byproducts produced by the bacteria in our gut. These biochemical substances can affect a range of physiological processes in our body. Postbiotics can traced in a person's stool and this unique biological fingerprint is called a fecal metabolome.

The new research from King's College London began
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