How Neo-Nazi Thugs Supported by Kiev Regime Killed Odessa Inhabitants(May 2014)Photographic Evidence

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News Story Source: by Michel Chossudovs
The following text and photos were sent to Global Research. They indicate a carefully planned agenda to burn people alive inside the Trade Unions building.

The images as well as reports suggest that the death toll was significantly higher than that published by the media.

The Western media has been involved in acts of coverup and distortion, describing the self-proclaimed Neo-Nazi Brown shirts as nationalists and "honest patriots". Western governments have casually blamed the atrocities in Odessa on "pro-Russian paramilitaries".

The Neo-Nazi thugs are directly supported by the Right Sector and Svoboda which play a central role in the coalition government. The Right Sector is supported by Washington.

The Neo-Nazi mobs in Odessa bear the hallmarks of  US sponsored terrorism (e.g Syria) trained to commit atrocities against civilians.  America's Neo-Nazi Government in Kiev is a reality. Confirmed by Germany's Bild: "Dozens of spec
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