How Do You Describe Yourself?

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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
This is a question that recently confronted me from several angles at the same time, and so I think it's probably a good thing to look at.

There are three fundamental aspects to this, the first two of which we'll examine. The third is mainly out of our control.

How do you describe yourself to yourself? And perhaps more directly, How do you see yourself? Everything else pales compared to this. Self-estimation underlies not only what we do, but what we are. Even if you're able to push past your fundamental view of yourself, it will drag you back soon enough. I used to say, "Self-concept is destiny," and I don't think I was far off the mark.

How do you describe yourself to others? As I'll describe below, this one can be tricky, and it certainly has been for me. There are two root problems: First, no short description can do anything but savage the truth of who and what we are. Second, these descriptions induce status-centered thoughts, and status is
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