How Digital Citizens Will Become Independent of Location Based Governments

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You can see the solutions brewing.

Some industries have already been upended by stealthy tech-age competitors. I save so much money traveling by using Airbnb to rent rooms instead of hotels. Airbnb finds me cheaper accommodations that are usually better than hotels. You can usually get a better location, with a full kitchen for half the price of a basic hotel room in the same area.

Because of Airbnb, I have more freedom, more choice, and my money goes further. When traveling I was once at the mercy of the hotel industry. Now hotels must compete with quality alternatives if they want my business.

And it is only a matter of time until the same options present themselves when it comes to choosing a better government.

I have highlighted Estonia as a country making strides in developing citizenship that has nothing to do with a physical location. While still in the early stages, e-residency could develop into full-fledged citizenship for people worldwide, without them ever
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