How big tech is privatizing “Big Brother.”

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The Cambridge Analytica scandal is less a revelation than a reminder that Facebook has built one of the biggest surveillance systems in the world with unprecedented powers of persuasion. Now that the data of some 87 million Facebook users has been compromised, the public is finally confronting that surveillance reality, along with another less-visible trend: private companies developing and deploying government-funded psy-ops, behavioral technologies, and campaigns of influence against civilians (see WILTW April 5, 2018). From mass political profiling to "gamified obedience", these projects can weaponize big data in ways that are mostly hidden from the public. They're also on the frontlines of bigger ideological battles, both domestically and abroad. That this trend is developing at a moment when tribalism, authoritarianism, and cyberwarfare are intersecting across the globe is no coincidence. It is a cold war world, reprogrammed for the 21st cent
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