How Americans Are Responding To The Coronacrisis: A Gallup Poll

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News Story Source:, by Tyler Durden
Social Distancing Still on the Increase
Gallup last reported Americans' adherence to the nation's new social distancing norms on Friday, based on data collected via web using the Gallup Panel from March 20-22. Since then:

The percentage avoiding small gatherings, such as with friends and family, has surged 15 percentage points to 83%.

The percentage reporting they are avoiding public places, like stores and restaurants, has increased six points to 78%.

The percentage avoiding mass transportation, including air travel, has leveled off near 90%.

Gallup ceased asking Americans whether they are avoiding crowds after this reached 92% in March 20-22 interviewing.

Since Gallup's original measurement of social distancing, based on March 13-15 interviewing, all societal groups have adopted stricter social distancing practices, including avoiding public places – but certain differences have held constant. As shown in the table below, women, young adults
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