House Votes to Legalize Marijuana

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News Story Source: Armstrong Economics
Individual states began legalizing marijuana a few years ago after the 1969 Supreme Court decision led to the Controlled Substance Act of 1970. Now, the House has voted to legalize marijuana on the Federal level despite President Biden's sudden opposition. This is all linked to the Sovereign Debt Crisis – turn down the economy, and governments will begin to legalize what is illegal to profit.

The Mexican Revolution began in 1910 and ran into about 1920. A large number of Mexicans immigrated to the US to escape the conflict. This Mexican population had its own uses for cannabis, and they referred to it as "marihuana." The initial marijuana tax was intended to criminally prosecute Mexicans who were widely seen as taking American jobs during the hard times. Fake news stories ran rampant about people becoming crazed by "marihuana" and harming society. Back in 1937, Congress imposed drastic new regulations and taxes on marijuana, cocaine, and opium, which wa
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