House approves bill to allow loaded guns inside cars on school campuses

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News Story Source:, By: Howard Fischer
Calling it a matter of constitutional rights, the House of Representatives voted to allow parents and others to drive onto school campuses with loaded weapons in their cars.

The 31-27 party-line vote for HB2693 in the Republican-controlled chamber came amid pleas from some lawmakers, who said they feel safer for themselves and their children when dropping them off and picking them up. Rep. Regina Cobb, R-Kingman, said she can attest to that based on personal experience.

"I know that if others have felt that, where you felt harassment or you felt that others were going to violate their order of protection – you wanted to be able to protect yourself," she said. "I was also that person that was dropping my kids off at school every day."

Cobb pointed out that current law allows guns in vehicles on campus, but only if they're not loaded.

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