Hour 2

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock – Radio Radio/Video Program on 2020-10-26
Hour 2 – Gary Eisen, Michigan State Representative for District 18 comes on the show to discuss Michigan politics, civil liberties in a time of chaos, etc…


Hour 2

Gary Eisen

Mi State Rep. 81st dist.


Gary is a very self-reliant, independent thinking, common sense conservative. He believes in the constitution, capitalism, fiscal responsibility, limited government and rugged individualism. Gary will use his leadership and hard working values to promote social and economic growth in both St. Clair County and Michigan. As a State Representative, he will put the people first and NOT become just another 'go with the flow' politician.

[Personal BIO: Gary R  Eisen – Owner of Eisen Inc. a welding and fabricating business.  Gary is als0 the owner of Michigan Personal Protection Training offering /CCW/CPL classes and a 7th Dan Black Belt with American Warrior Martial Arts. Gary is a competitive shooter a

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