Hooray Peggy Noonana and Holman Jenkins

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Opinion Column by Menckens Ghost
I never cared for Peggy Noonan's politics, thinking or writing but have to admit I was wrong after reading the commentary below.  When I had my newspaper column, I wrote something similar about the kinds of people and depravity that parents allow into their house via TV and the Internet–people and subjects and scenes that they would never allow into their house in person but allow electronically, as if electronic versions of cultural rot are somehow benign.

Below Noonan's commentary is a commentary by Holman Jenkins on Warren Buffet's purchase of a chain of truck stops, which sell–gasp!–fossil fuels.  Buffet isn't known for investing in declining businesses.  Jenkins goes on to debunk the popular bunk about self-driving vehicles and electric vehicles.  He also theorizes why China is mandating electric vehicles–because electric vehicles are recharged with power produced in coal-fired plants, which China has in abundance.  (It also impo
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