Hong Kong celebrates the humbling of Beijing: Democracy supporters pop champagne and celebrate

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News Story Source: Daily Mail
Hong Kong's pro-democracy camp won the overwhelming majority of the 452 council seats up for grabs

Turnout was a record 71 per cent in vote seen as referendum on pro-Beijing government's handling of protests

The councils deal with local matters but the result deals a symbolic blow to unpopular leader Carrie Lam

Councillors also have 117 representatives on a 1,200-strong panel which chooses Hong Kong's chief executive

Lam – who had claimed that a silent majority supported her – promised to 'listen humbly to citizens' opinions'

Hong Kong's pro-democracy campaign left Beijing with a bloody nose today after a landslide local election victory saw them win 90 per cent of the seats up for grabs.

Pro-democracy protesters celebrated in the streets as the results were announced by election officials, in a result that has been seen as a massive victory for the anti-government protest movement.  

The vote has been treated as
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