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There is no ISIS in the U.S.  ISIS is some off shoot of the Syrian Rebels that were flown in to battle Assad.  I am Catholic and not Islamic.  I have a strand of Jewish Ancestry and the last “church” that I attended in California was Episcopal after I stopped attending a Catholic Church because the priest would do political sermons & I just didn’t want to hear about abortion all morning long.  I know a little about Islam but never fully read the Quran (not more than ten pages).  I did a few classes of Islamic Study in Marine Corp Boot Camp and I even left that because it just rung so foolish.

Most of the delis that I eat at are Jewish owned because I do like Kosher food and outside of some Kabbalah Classes and some Torah Study at a Chabad in Los Feliz, Ca. for the most part I decided to switch for Catholic to Episcopal a few years back.

Do we have ISIS Cells in America?  We barely have ISIS in the Mid East, It isn’t that many men (less than 10,000) according to cable news.

I just read and watch everything and if something needs to be “hyped” like an artist and by the Pentagon than I take it on myself to “hype” it.

I listen to World Leaders, try to know Heads of State and decide on if I like them or not and if I like them I “hype” them and if I do not like them, my memory is usually so good that if I briefly heard or read a negative news story, even if it was for a few seconds and over a decade earlier, I usually can recall it.

I am not about to be used to form some absurd ISIS cell.  Islam is quite fascinating because for the life of me, I still have not figured out how they get these people to do such crazy things.

There are two things, that I have tried to figure out for years and have failed at sorting out.  How do you get Islamacist to act so crazy that they cut out and eat hearts and how does the UK or IMF or even George Soros get people to turn out in mass riots?  I have still not yet figured this shit out.  What I do know is that the Islamic Propaganda out of the Bush Jr. Era was brilliant (Jihad, Holy War, Infidels).

This site is for entertainment purposes only so stop trying to have people pretend that I speak Arabic in West Hollywood and stop trying to act like I am some kind of drug dealer to Hollywood Celebrities. 

YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW HOW I KNOW WHAT I KNOW. I study occult matters also.  In Louisiana being Creole means Catholic and Occult go hand in hand.

I am usually more concerned about what is going on in Louisiana or with Prince William than any of this other bullshit.

So, now in Louisiana, as predicted, they are importing seafood from dirty ass China and people are actually getting sick,  If you are a Louisiana fishermen, then the price which seafood was sold in the U.S. Market has been cut in half because now we must get seafood from China.

B.P. Oil has already paid out a lot of money, there have been 50 oil spills since BP and BP was not the only company at fault at the time of the oil spill.  I like to pick on BP via blogging but the government is kinda lying by blaming everything on BP. I have family that work for BP and Big Oil, they do provide a lot of jobs but the new trend is to fire Americans and import cheap Asian Labor.  That’s just the facts.

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