Hollywood? It's finished, claims Oscar-winning director who fled to New York

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News Story Source: theguardian.com by Vanessa Thorpe
A change of the old order in Hollywood is long overdue, according to Paul Haggis, the Oscar-winning film-maker behind the hit films Crash and Million Dollar Baby.

The Canadian screenwriter and director said many of the established rules of big-budget showbusiness should be re-examined in the light of falling box-office receipts and the recent scandalous claims and revelations about the enduring influence of the casting couch.

From the earliest days of Hollywood, women were stage managed and manipulated by older men in powerful positions. And it's clear that, although Harvey Weinstein has been outed, little has changed

"Los Angeles is a town run by a group of powerful corporations, the studios, and they inevitably want to make what they know they can sell. This means they often lag a few years behind creatively," he said this weekend.

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