History of Korea as the War Drums Beat

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History of Korea as the War Drums Beat – The Libertarian Institute

History of Korea as the War Drums Beat

*History of Korea as the War Drums Beat*

April 29, 2017

By Mencken's Ghost

Santayana's warning about not learning from history is valid up to a
point.  As is the case of North Korea today, a point is sometimes
reached in which the history of who did what to whom doesn't matter.

What matters now with respect to N. Korea is what the world is going to
do about a madman with the bomb, albeit a tiny one, regardless of how we
got to this point.

Still, the history of the two Koreas is instructive and important to
know.  Below are two articles on that history that look at Korea from
opposite perspectives.  The first is a book review of a book that gives
the history of how South Korea broke from the North to become an
economic powerhouse in short order.  The book attributes this in part t
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