High-altitude, autonomous, solar-powered aircraft flexes wings to ace flight tests

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News Story Source: https://newatlas.com, Michael Irving
Now, UAVOS has conducted test flights of its ApusDuo prototype, an autonomous, solar-powered aircraft with flexible wings that bend and bounce to keep it aloft.

HAPS vehicles have been hitting the skies for years, for a variety of purposes. The Zephyr broke endurance and altitude records back in 2010, and then a few more in 2014 after being brought under the Airbus umbrella. Facebook has been testing its Aquila drones as a way to bring high-speed internet to developing countries, and the ESA held a workshop in recent months to figure out how best to implement these aircraft and what to do with them.

UAVOS is now throwing its ApusDuo aircraft into the ring. Made of carbon fiber materials, the aircraft has two parallel sets of wings connected by three struts, in a similar configuration to many other HAPS machines.

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