Here's What Happened When Americans Were Asked To Find N. Korea On A Map

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Respondents who could correctly identify North Korea tended to view diplomatic and nonmilitary strategies more favorably than those who could not.

Where's Ukraine? Each dot depicts the location where a U.S. survey respondent situated Ukraine; the dots are colored based on how far removed they are from the actual country, with the most accurate responses in red and the least accurate ones in blue. (Data: Survey Sampling International; Figure: Thomas Zeitzoff/The Monkey Cage)

By: In April 2014, just as the Ukraine conflict (and proxy civil war) was hitting its climax, in the process undermining US-Russian relations for years, some 2,066 Americans were asked to show where the Ukraine was on a map. The result, while leaving something to be desired, was not terrible.

Fast forward to this weekend, when the NYT repeated
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