Here's A Guide To Choose Your Tesla Model 3 Before Prices Go Up

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News Story Source:, BY EVANNEX
Tesla's announcement of the long-awaited Standard Range and surprising Standard Range Plus Model 3 also came with the introduction of two new interior trim levels. Previously, all Model 3s came with the premium interior, featuring Tesla's soft synthetic seat material, heated seats for all five occupants, and a 14-speaker premium sound system, plus other features. Without needing to choose an interior trim level, building your Model 3 was pretty easy: pick a battery size, pick the colors, decide if you want Enhanced Autopilot.

With the addition of the Standard Range Model 3, there are now three interior trim levels, six battery and performance levels, five exterior colors, two interior colors, and two wheel styles to choose from. Popular features aren't available on all interior trims, and it's easy to increase the price of a Standard Range Model 3 to well over $40,000.

To make it easier, we'll break down what features come with each interior tri
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