Here Is The One Commodity That Is More Volatile Than Bitcoin

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News Story Source:, by Tyler Durden
By comparison, the S&P 500 has a volatility of 6.5% and an implied daily move of just 0.40%, while Bank of America – with a market cap of $302 billion similar to that of Bitcoin's $306 billion (well, as of yesterday) – has a volatility of 21.5% and implied daily move of 1.35%. While there are probably penny stocks out there that either as volatile as or more volatile than Bitcoin, we will only be looking at liquidly traded investments.

Deutsche Bank recently published a research piece that states 40% of Bitcoin trading is dominated by Japan. Former leveraged retail FX traders, colloquially known as "Messrs. Watanabe", have accounted for nearly half of all cryptocurrency trading since China shut down cryptocurrency exchanges earlier in the year. It makes sense that "Mr. Watanabe", has moved on from FX trading to bitcoin trading. EURJPY has a volatility of 7.77% and implied daily move of 0.49%. To put that in perspective, a 5.8% move in EURJPY wou
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