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Sex Used to Enslave Society

Richard Evans on the Vatican, Homosexuality and the Spread of Porn to  Children

June 28, 2013

I looked for news of the homosexual Satanist ring in the Vatican today, and the sound of crickets on Google was deafening.  I mean nothing. Nada.

If you think about it, it’s not surprising that the media is ignoring this Vatican scandal.   Media painted the picture that normal, heterosexual priests start screwing boys because celibacy turns men into rapists.  That’s the logic. (From 2010: “Gay rights groups have condemned the Vatican’s secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, for claiming that the Catholic church’s sexual abuse crisis was linked to homosexuality and paedophilia and not celibacy among priests.” [1]

Porn became uncontrollable with Windows 95 two decades ago.   In the 80’s and early 90’s somebody still had to physically drive to a video vendor, pay a substantial amount and bring it into the home.  With dial up internet, porn spun out of control.

Christian Brothers Investment Services ( http://www.cbisonline.com/ ) is the largest investment group for a hundred thousand Catholic organizations in the United States, from holy orders to charities and churches.  It turns out that a substantial percentage of CBIS portfolio is a range of corporations that make money from pornography.  Hotels, Cable TV companies: and Google, which makes several hundred million dollars each quarter on revenues from porn industry ad links.
CBIS has $26,000,000 invested in Google.

Here’s a snippet from a BBC documentary, ‘Holy Porn’.  Get a load of the co-founder of CBIS defending their policy. [2]

Mr. Ethical, ‘Brother’ Louis DeThomasis, is co-founder of CBIS, Chancellor of St. Mary’s University of Minnesota and a senior fellow of SMU’s Hendrickson Institute for Ethical Leadership. He was even a featured speaker at the 2009 U.S. Military Academy’s annual National Conference on Ethics in America.

The CBIS CEO confidently holds his ground, because the Illuminati bastard knows that in a few more TV seasons the under 30 public won’t know see any difference between investing in porn and investing in sports.

Enter Lucinda “Cindy” Gallop,  an old British ad exec Illuminatrix who opened an address at TED in 2009 with “I have sex with younger men”.

She’s fronting an Illuminati initiative to mainstream a glamor porn channel at pubescent girls.  But it’s not porn.  Oh no.  It’s a movement – you know, like Arab Spring, except for sex.  She calls it, ‘Make Love Not Porn’.   It’s not porn because the teens at home will have sex ..uh, make love… in their own homes and stream it to Cindy’s channel for millions to see.   This woman is the J.K Rowling of porn.  I mean she’s a lucky witch who gets to front the mainstreaming of ‘live sex performance for the whole family’.   Anything promoted by TED is going to happen.  http://www.ted.com/pages/42

ABC News –  ‘Make Love Not Porn’: New Movement Gaining Popularity

Supposedly, 12-year-old going on 40 “Winnifred” explains how her generation is “the first to have what we have.  We are the pioneers…”… “We’re getting messages from everywhere saying if you dress like this you will be treated well.  Sex is power.”

Judging from the preview of the ABC documentary featuring Winnifred and her friends having fun wearing designer slutwear as they head out the door, it’s a sales pitch to millions of girls watching in their mom’s trailer park, eating macaroni and cheese after school.

For the last few years it’s been clear that the old porn industry associated with the underbelly of Hollywood and Nevada, centered in Van Nuys, Los Angeles has been going broke. Also, outbreaks of syphilis have shut down production three times for months during the last two years. Two male actors announced testing HIV positive, I think in 2010 and 2012.  Distribution revenue has plummeted because the sales and rental markets of local video outlets went extinct, and online sales have nose dived because – producers have reported – the market has saturated with bootlegging and amateur porn people are putting out for free.

[1] Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Pope Benedict’s number two, said homosexuality – not celibacy – is linked to paedophilia

[2] All this about Catholic orgs investing in big time porn whether they know it or not is backed up on E. Michal Jones website


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