Hemp: The Biggest Comeback of All Time? By Morpheus Titania

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Feature Article by Morpheus Titania
FCI Safford, when Donald Trump signed the now historic $867 billion dollar farm bill in December 2018, it removed industrial hemp form the list of federally controlled substances, this set into motion one of the greatest comebacks of all time.

Industrial hemp is a hardy, fast growing, multi use plant with no psychoactive ingredients, which was formerly grown all over America, for more than a century. The plant has strong fibers, which make it useful for rope and textiles. The plant was banned as a result of misguided government policy in the 1937 Marijuana Control Act and then finally in the draconian Controlled Substance Act of 1970.

Today overwhelming support by the people and their desire for the well known healing effects of cannabidiol and other many benefits of the plant, now including uses in textiles, plastics, insulation, construction materials, food and ethanol. Finally the federal government has had to capitulate in the decriminalization of this wonder plant. Farmers a
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