Help render the next Pirates Without Borders 3D animation!

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Feature Article by Cameron
If you would like to contribute to future Precariat animations, you can donate your computer time to cloud rendering. No knowledge of 3D animation is required.

There is a "Pirates Without Borders" render team on This team will help future Precariat animations, and even render your own animation using the cloud.

If you plan to do your own design and want to render your project using the PWB render team, you can join here (and also join the PWB team after you have logged in). All team members will help each other. Any computer time you donate will be under your own account. And if you join the PWB team, your work will benefit everyone on the team.

If you don't want to create an account, you can still donate computer time using my (Cameron's) account. Your work will still benefit the PWB team.

Step 1 – Download the Client

Visit and download the program for your system (64
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