Helm's mission is to make it incredibly easy for everyone to own and control their personal data

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News Story Source: The Helm
In 2015, my co-founder and I took a look at the state of the internet. A handful of companies had most of the control and power, and they dominated the market by giving away free services in order to learn—then leverage—a lot of information about their users. Retargeting was on the rise, which meant ads were following us everywhere we went. Revelations about the way the NSA was using Americans' data angered us and helped raise broader awareness about this problem. These technology companies were some of the most valuable ever created, yet somehow most of their real users had never paid them a single penny.

The internet we started using in the early 90s looked very different than the one our families are using today. We believed control needed to be returned to the people, so we asked ourselves: What can we do about it?

Right now, nearly all the data that comprises your online life is probably stored in a massive data center. You can't see it, you can&#
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