Hegemon USA Preparing for “Significant International Conflict”

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Hegemon USA Preparing for "Significant International Conflict"

by Stephen Lendman

Forever war on invented enemies — to advance its imperium and enrich its merchants of death — is longstanding US policy.

Addressing West Point graduates last week, top-ranked US warrior general Milley virtually told them to prepare for global war with Russia and China, saying:

"The world you are being commissioned into has the potential for a significant international conflict between great powers," adding:

"And that potential is increasing, not decreasing."

"We are facing right now two global powers, China and Russia, each with significant military capabilities, and both who fully intend to change the current rules based order (sic)."

Hegemon USA "is under significant challenges in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Europe."

Milley failed to explain that Washington's only enemies are i
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