Heading for War on the Korean Peninsula?

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Heading for War on the Korean Peninsula?

by Stephen Lendman

China, Russia, South Korea and Japan strongly want it avoided for obvious reasons. 

Trump's rage for war risks what no responsible leader would tolerate. Attacking North Korea would be madness, endangering the entire region, especially if nuclear weapons are used.

On May 2, China's People's Daily headlined "Responsible actions needed to ensure peace (on the) Korean Peninsula," saying:

"Given…escalat(ed) tensions…all concerned parties should…return to peaceful negotiations."

Beijing wants everything possible done to avoid potentially catastrophic war, at the same time saying the DPRK is "reasonable" in wanting its national security protected.

"(B)ut its nuclear and missile ambitions have put itself and the whole region in dire peril," an intolerable situation vital to change.

US and South Korean
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