Has World War III Begun?

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Has World War III Begun?

by Stephen Lendman

Most wars begin incrementally, rather than with a big bang.

One thing leads to another then to full-blown conflict.

WW I began before Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination — WW II before Pearl Harbor. 

Months of advance planning precedes wars.

US-led post-9/11 wars on Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, and Syria were planned long before the mother of all state-sponsored false flags to that time.

Years of US orchestrated and directed proxy war on Russia by Ukraine on Donbass preceded Moscow's special military operation (SMO).

Two months later, has WW III begun?

Has hegemon USA-dominated NATO begun pushing things toward East/West confrontation?

Is it inevitable ahead?

In cahoots with dominant US hardliners, Britain's so-called armed forces minister, Heappey, said the BoJo regime considers cross-border strikes by Kiev on Russian territor
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