Hackers breach DOJ, dump details of 9,000 DHS employees, plan to leak 20,000 from FBI

While some people were enjoying Super Bowl 50, hackers brought the pain to the Department of Home Security by dumping a directory of over 9,000 DHS employee names, email addresses, locations, telephone numbers and titles such as “DHS PRISM Support.” The same Twitter account announced plans to leak data of 20,000 FBI employees – including those who work outside of the US.

The hacker claimed to have downloaded “hundreds of gigbytes of data from a Department of Justice computer.” The unnamed hacker also told Motherboard that the data was obtained after compromising a DOJ employee’s email account, which is what the he used to contact the reporter. The email account wasn’t enough to access a DOJ web portal, but the hacker called the relevant department, social engineered his way in, and gained access to databases via a DOJ intranet.


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