Gun Violence Would Plummet If We Just Called off the Drug War

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News Story Source:, by Thomas J. Eckert
With the horrific shooting that recently took place in Las Vegas, debates over gun control have been given center stage in our media and politics once again.

And while every pundit seems to have their own surefire way of combatting gun violence, they all gloss over the elephant in the room. Which is, although mass shootings have taken on a repulsive popularity recently, the gun violence surrounding the War on Drugs has created more casualties than every mass shooting in the US combined. And despite the fact that these commentators tirelessly argue the merits and faults of one another's ideas, one thing is certain; we can and should end the Drug War, immediately.

What the Numbers Say

Ending the War on Drugs would have a significant impact on the number of gun fatalities across the board.

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