Guests: Andrew Petropoulos, Vi Vegilante — Topic: Pathway to Freedom — Hour 3

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock – Radio Radio/Video Program on 2021-01-29
Hour 3 – Andrew Petropoulos and Vi Vegilante (Daylight Rising Media) on activist tools for getting your message out using cards, flyers, stickers, etc…


Hour 3

Andrew Petropoulos and Vi Vegilante

Andrew Petropoulos grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia. He always felt like something was wrong, but never could put his finger on it.  After thousands of hours of research, he came to understand the nature of our reality, and has been trying to awaken people ever since.  He doesn't have a personal website but is on Instagram.

His handle is @end_your_slavery.

Vi Vegilante has a background in art and design and has helped run graphic design and install businesses. She currently uses those skills to offer freelance design and focus her energy on making media, spreading messages of truth. Her other passion is sharing her gardens with the community. By day she trades organic pr

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