Guest: Sterlin Lujan — Topic: Bitcoin — Hour 3

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock – Radio Radio/Video Program on 2017-10-06
Hour 3 – Sterlin Lujan (Communications Ambassador for; Writer) on cryptocurrencies and their purpose, who are the crypto-anarchists, decentralized bitcoin, problems with SegWit, what it's like to work at Bitcoin.Com, crypto investing and the future of blockchain, etc…


Hour 3

2017-10-06 Hour 3 Sterlin Lujan from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Sterlin Lujan

Sterlin Lujan is the Communications Ambassador for It's his job to make conferences and present on behalf of He also runs the activism page Psychologic-Anarchist. He writers regularly for and actively writes about emerging news in the cryptocurrency space, as well as provides information on relational anarchism. He also runs a cryptocurrency consultation business called "The Cryptocurrency Confidant." He is married, but does not have any children. He has a bachelors degree in psychology from Texas A&M University.

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