Guest: Sahid Miller — Topic: IPFS — Hour 3

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock – Radio Radio/Video Program on 2019-12-04
Hour 3 – Sahid Miller (Programmer; Voluntaryist) on peaceful programming and the decentralization of everything; IPFS/Private Gateway, Preserving content and preventing 3rd party censorship, Private decentralization with family, and Public search and indexing


Hour 3

Sahid Miller

Sahid Miller is an experienced programmer looking for help to discover and develop new ways to use the internet to support our need for autonomy, connection, meaning, fun, and peace! He spent 4 years working with a startup, Catalyst IT, that was seeking to disrupt the hiring, training, and contracting of programmers using AI and patented algorithms to identify potentially successful programmers… so while there, he spent time as a trainee and apprentice, a full-time programmer, a trainer, and eventually consulting to some degree. Then he went to work with the Foundation of Economic Education as a full-stack programmer as a form of activism. There he learned about effective use of Cont

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