Guest: Robert Viglione — Topic: Bitcoin — Hour 2

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock – Radio Radio/Video Program on 2018-03-14
Hour 2 – Rob Viglion (ZenCash) provides an update on their platform


Hour 2

2018-03-14 Hour 2 Rob Viglione from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Rob Viglione

Co-Founder of Zen Cash



Co-founder of ZenCash, a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency hyperfocused on usability, and President of the Zen Blockchain Foundation where I'm helping "Uberize" finance, create a freer, fairer, and nicer world by bringing fintech to the disenfranchised, and pioneer decentralized blockchain-based systems of governance. As a PhD Candidate in Finance, my research interests span cryptofinance, venture capital, and asset pricing. I also teach "Bitcoin & Blockchain Applications in Finance" at UofSC, am President of the Carolina Crypto Club, volunteer to help create startup societies with the Seasteading Institute, and serve as an advisor to Hero Engine World, where we&

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