Guest Post: The Tyranny of Medical Inventions by Wyotona

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And Daniel Greenfield does a bang-up job covering the Enemedia merry-go-round on covering up for Stalin's many crimes against humanity.

J. Arch Getty, a history professor at UCLA, told Politifact that, "I am not aware of any original source for this, and in my extensive archival research in Stalin's personal archive, I found nothing like this."

As Jacob Heilbrunn at the Weekly Standard had previously noted, "Getty exemplifies the new revisionism that has taken hold in Soviet studies; rather than deny outright Stalin's crimes, it seeks to justify them. This kind of revisionism would be condemned… if its subject were Nazism, but it continues to be rewarded and acclaimed in the field of Soviet studies."

The sort of person who writes that the "social goals that are commonplace today, including women's rights and racial integration, were planks of the Communist party platform long before mainstream American parties took them seriously
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