Guest: Kevin Mckernan — Topic: Medical Genomics — Hour 2

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock – Radio Radio/Video Program on 2018-08-10
Hour 2 – Kevin McKernan (CSO & Founder Medicinal Genomics) on CannMed 2018, crypto-funding of sequencing of cannabis plant, publishing research on blockchain


Hour 2

Kevin McKernan

CSO & Founder of Medicinal Genomics




CannMed Conference



Kevin is the Chief Scientific Officer and Founder of Medicinal Genomics Corporation and has pioneered the genomics of cannabis and hemp to build a stronger scientific environment ( for the study of cannabis based therapeutics and blockchain technologies for tracking and verifying cannabis genetics.
Kevin has spent his career researching and developing various DNA sequencing technologies in both the research and clinical industries and has had a parallel interest in driving the tools used for personalized medicine into the world of cannabis medicine. Kevin believes the intersection of

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