Guest: Jeanette Finicum — Topic: Activism — Hour 3

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock – Radio Radio/Video Program on 2018-05-25
Hour 3 – Jeanette Finicum (LaVoy's widow) on the premier of LaVoy: Dead Man Talking at Red Pill Expo


Hour 3

Jeanette Finicum

Jeanette Finicum is the widow-turned-activist of the late LaVoy Finicum who was killed in 2016 by Federal and State troopers in Oregon. She is locked in a heated legal battle with the government to defend our liberty and to hold responsible parties accountable.

The Bureau of Land management, the FBI and other government agencies thought that ranchers would be easy and weak targets for over-reaching bully tactics that ultimately resulted in the unlawful death of LaVoy Finicum. Little did they know or expect that his widow, Jeanette, would rise to stand at the center of one of largest battles ever waged against rogue government agencies. Americans across the nation have rallied to her cause, realizing that they could just as easily be in the crosshairs if these agencies are not brought under control.



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