Guest: James Lee — Topic: Climate Viewer — Hour 1

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock – Radio Radio/Video Program on 2017-12-21
Hour 1- James Lee (Climate Viewer) comes on the show to talk about the reality of weather modification and systems to try to control or modify nature, how to keep track of what 'they' are doing by checking out ClimateViewer's 3D model, and how to stay informed by using ClimateViewer's features of  real-time atmospheric and geophysical monitoring with maps covering geoengineering, weather modification, climate change, pollution, privacy, exploration, migration, geosciences, architecture, green energy solutions, sunken ships, airplane crash sites, and much more…Also will be discussing his trip to the 21st Conference on Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification in Austin TX Jan 9-11, 2017. James will be promoting his solution to weather warfare, The Environmental Modification Accountability Act of 2018, at this conference and filming the event, interviewing scientists, etc.

Hour 2 – Tone Vays (Trader, Risk Analyst, Blogger; Speaker) on Biotcon/Bitcoi

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