Guest: Dave Breger — Topic: Silver — Hour 2

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock – Radio Radio/Video Program on 2018-03-07
Hour 2 – Dave Breger (Mint Director @ Pyromet) on getting usable silver into the hands of people


Hour 2

Dave Breger (AKA: Silver Dave) Silver activist

Mint Director – Pyromet


After 10 years as Green Beret in the Army Special Forces, and witnessing many disturbing events relating to the money of the world, I became focused on a new mission/purpose.

Getting silver into the hands of Americans, as a protection from the dangers of fiat currency.

7 years ago I finished my contract and got out of government work then founded a company called Suns of Liberty Mint.

We had some great success, and changed the industry. Since SOLM has been purchased by a much larger silver company Pyromet.

Additionally Pyromet has hired me as Mint Director to launch they're new minting division.

Now my mission to get silver into the hands of mainstream America continues.



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