Guatemaya Unification of Wisdom Movie

Now that the hype of 2012 has passed; the Maya people of today are revealing the truth of their culture. We invite you to explore with us what the “new era of time” means for them and the reclaiming of their voice in the world.

“We never said the world was going to end. This has all come from a media campaign led in the west to spread fear and to keep the true message of our wisdom and culture hidden.” -Tzutujil Maya elder Tata Pedro Cruz, traditional mayan calendar day keeper.

GUATEMAYA- The Unification of Wisdom is a cinematic journey through the culture of the Maya; past, present and future. The film journey’s through the life of Tz’utujil Mayan elder Tata Pedro Cruz, who is one of the last living Ajq’iij’s (mayan calendar day keepers) from the highlands of Lake Atitlan, in Guatemala.

He has dedicated his work to preserve the ancient culture of the Maya, their cosmo vision and the teachings of the sacred Mayan Calendar. The film journeys deep into his mission of sharing the Mayan Calendar with his community, his country, and the world and to revitalize a culture that has been at the heart of genocide and oppression for centuries.

It details his challenging life, including a 30 year civil war, where he endured cultural and religious oppression, overcoming many obstacles, to where he is today on his current path which is teaching the youth of his community about the Mayan Calendar and the importance of finding their purpose and mission on this planet and how to live in harmony with nature and each other.

This captivating film will take you on a deep and unique journey into the beautiful world of Tata Pedro and the other Maya whom you will meet along his journey, spanning across the country of Guatemala.

We follow his journey of preserving and reinvigorating his culture about their native teachings and to dispel the myth’s throughout the world that are surrounding the Mayan Calendar. He teaches the the true essence of the Mayan Calendar and universal message that the calendar embodies in connecting all of humanity.

“There is no world that is going to end.” -Tata Pedro Cruz

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