Growing Old In A Country You No Longer Recognize

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
Being a baby boomer, and being an old farm boy who milked cows, baled a lot of hay, slopped the hogs and fed the chickens, I am drawn to the the simpler times of 1950's America. I remember living in slower times, more united times and more rational times.

Today, we've got city kids who shoot one another in schools. We've got students who don't do their homework calling "mathematics" racist. We've got biological male swimmers competing in female swimming events as if it's normal. Over 100,000 emotionally unbalanced Americans died last year from opioid drug overdoses…yet no one sneezed or did anything to prevent more deaths. In fact, the president invited more drug cartels across the border to bring in even more drugs for our youth.

All of it is totally, unequivocally, astoundingly: NUTS!

In the past 50 years, I've seen our country devolve from that "Shinning Light on the Hill" to economic, racial, educational, woke, and tra
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