Greta Thunberg: Young Activist Makes Cogent Points Beyond Climate

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
While it's an astounding phenomenon that Greta Thunberg enjoys international notoriety for her cause, most of my colleagues over the past 20 years cannot get a moment's notice on the fact that the human race at 7.6 billion people, adds 83,000,000 (million) more, net gain, annually. Humans will add 3 billion more within 30 years to reach 10.1 billion. Consequentially, every single environmental calamity we face—-stems from human overpopulation. But our leaders ignore it, and most Americans as well as most of humanity remain clueless as to its ramifications.

There's no question we are leaving Thunberg with a very polluted, overpopulated and contaminated world. We're leaving her with poisons on all our foods thanks to Monsanto, Dow Chemical and Bayer, poisoned oceans, plastic oceans, polluted biosphere, species extinction rates off the charts, crowded and unsustainable cities, starvation rates growing throughout the third world, especially Africa. Yes, she's got a
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