Greta Thunberg admits to being a puppet, is now under investigation for collusion and conspiracy

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News Story Source: Natural News – Ethan Huff
It appears as though the 18-year-old global warming activist was trying to tweet an "organic" post in support of the farmers protest in India when she mistakenly shared a document from her handlers outlining tactics for rallying left-wing Twitter users to join the movement.

"These are just some suggested posts, but feel free to tweet your own," read the first bullet point on the document, which Greta quickly deleted once she realized, apparently, what she had done.

"It's helpful if you add images or videos to your tweets (some images below)," the document went on to explain. "You can also tag others who can either reshare and/or the potential tags listed above to put pressure on them as well."

Below these instructions was a series of sample tweets with a "CLICK HERE TO TWEET" button for each one. All Greta had to do, it appears, was click on one and pretend it was her own, and voila: instant support from her drone followers
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