Green Energy: What It Really Costs You

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
Bartender AOC screams "Green Energy" from her high perch in Washington DC. Like a third grader, she doesn't possess a clue about what she's screeching to all of us. At 79, Joe Biden ramps up his own call to push America for Green Energy, but In reality, he doesn't possess a clue, either. The pundits on mainstream media jabber about more windmills and solar panels.

They fail to educate the American public that wind turbines currently chop-up 500,000 birds annually. If we double, triple and quadruple wind turbines, they will kill millions of birds annually. They speak about the fact that wind turbines and solar panels possess a maximum capacity of 20 percent of our energy. Worse, we're running out of resources to manufacture solar panels.

Oh yes, let's all drive electric vehicles to save the world. Except electric cars cost a fortune and they must always be charged by fossil fuel burning or nuclear power. Thus, we humans paint ourselves into a corner.

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