Grateful woman gives her stepfather the greatest Christmas gift he could ask for

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News Story Source:, Kerry Justich
When she was just 3 years old, her mother got married to Vincent Raven, whom she's known ever since as the father that raised her. When she approached him as a teenager to ask how he felt about marrying a woman with a child, Raven responded saying that Terry was one of the biggest reasons he wanted to marry her mother.

"I was the light of his life," Terry tells Yahoo Lifestyle, "and that truly warmed my heart. I have seen my dad sacrifice and bend over backwards for my family."

This year Terry decided to make her commitment to her father official as well, by telling him that she was in the process of changing her last name to match his. In a post to her Instagram account, the young woman shared a video of the sweet moment with a message to her father.

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