Grandma and teen who’ve shared every Thanksgiving since 2016 when she accidentally invited him..

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News Story Source:, By ANDREW COURT
An Arizona grandmother and the stranger she accidentally invited to her 2016 Thanksgiving dinner have reunited for a meal ahead of this year's holiday. 

Wanda Dench, 63, made international headlines four years ago when she sent a text message to Jamal Hinton, 21, that was meant for her grandson. 

Hinton ended up coming to Dench's Thanksgiving celebration that year, and he has continued to do so every year since. 

However, the pair's 2020 get-together is tinged with sadness, as Dench's beloved husband, Lonnie, passed away from COVID-19 back in April. 

On Friday, Dench and Hinton shared an early Thanksgiving meal at her home in Mesa, where they paid tribute to her late spouse. 

'I always remember Lonnie looking at the bright side of things,' Hinton told The New York Times on Saturday. 

'He would want us to celebrate his life instead of hating COVID and hating everything.' 

Hinton attend
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