GQ magazine’s ‘new masculinity’ is men in make-up and dresses (VIDEO)

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News Story Source: by Simon Rite
GQ stands for 'Gentlemen's Quarterly' but  'gentlemen' are a toxic brand in the post-Weinstein world, and just don't sell as many overpriced clothes, watches, and aftershave as they used to. Hence why GQ appears to be trying to distance itself from the gender that's been buying it for decades.

GQ is only adding to the confusion because this 'new masculinity' looks a lot like old 'femininity'. And frankly speaking, if anyone at GQ thinks men in make-up is new, then they should go and watch some heavy metal from the 1980s.

GQ editor Will Welch has this message for all those men out there who didn't even know that they needed redefining. He says 'new masculinity' is "very simple. It's I know who I am, and I respect who you are." 

Has that cleared everything up for you? 

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