Gov. Ineptitude Score: Florida 17, Iraq 110,000

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Opinion Column by Menckens Ghost

Government Ineptitude Score:  Florida 17, Iraq 110,000

By Mencken's Ghost

Americans are understandably sickened by the massacre of 17 people in Florida and want something done to prevent such school massacres from recurring. 

Less understandably, they don't seem as concerned about the 110,000 people who have been killed as a result of the second Iraq war, including Iraqi women and children and 4,497 American soldiers who died in combat and otherwise. 

Some estimates put the death toll at 250,000 Iraqis.  Other estimates say that children account for 30 percent of the deaths from air strikes.  The numbers are squishy, but the deaths are certainly far greater than 17.  And they don't include the deaths in Afghanistan.

Of course, there isn't a moral equivalence between a madman killing 17 people for no reason and the USA going to
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