Goldman: Here’s What Life Under Democrat Control Will Look Like

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News Story Source: Zero Hedge
Following the runoff elections in Georgia, Democrats now have 50 seats in the Senate and therefore will set the US political agenda in both chambers. This changes the policy outlook substantially, as it means that President-elect Biden can pass fiscal legislation without Republican support as long as Democrats remain unified. Nevertheless, the incoming administration will face political constraints in such closely divided House and Senate, and practical constraints imposed by congressional procedures.

Below we list some of the most frequently questions Goldman clients have about what life will look like under Democrat control for at least the next two years.

How will President-elect Biden and congressional Democrats govern?

Goldman expects a bipartisan approach, at least at the outset. The most important question regarding the policy outlook over the next year will be how President Biden—along with House Speaker Pelosi and soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader Schumer—
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