GMC Hummer Electric Truck: Everything You Need To Know

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News Story Source:,By: InsideEVs Editorial Team
10 years after the brand was put to rest – Hummer is back as an EV.

The newly unveiled Hummer EV has 1000 horsepower, around 1000 lb-ft of torque and 0-62mph or 0-100kmh in less than three seconds. Numbers that would make any other pickup weep at the tailpipe.

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GM has been pretty faithful to the original design of the Humvee, the vehicle designed to do anything, go anywhere, get American troops out of trouble. In fact, they used to dump these Humveesn out of military helicopters. So they were built pretty tough back in the day. The version they unveiled was running on 35 in tires but it can accommodate 37-inch tires like the original Hummer.

Truck fans will be pleased to hear there's a back window that drops down to get some fresh air in the cabin. And if you want to go Alfresco. The whole roof
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