GLOBAL VOLCANISM: The Volcano Report For April 5-7, 2014 – Lava Flows Continue To Enlarge Nishino-Shima, The New Volcano Island In Japan; Explosions Sends Ash Plume Up To 20,000 Feet High At The Shiveluch Volcano In Kamchatka; Explosions And Emissions Increase In Frequency At The New Lava Dome At Peru’s Ubinas Volcano; Continuous Strombolian Activity Follows Violent Explosion At Tungurahua Volcano In Ecuador! [PHOTOS]

April 07, 2014 – WORLDWIDE VOLCANOES – The following constitutes the new activity, unrest and ongoing reports of volcanoes across the globe.

Nishino-Shima (Izu Islands, Japan): The ongoing eruption continues to add new land to the island with what seems a relatively steady effusion of lava flows.

Enlarged section showing the active vent (cone 2, left) and the now inactive vent 1 (right cone)

A new overflight by the Japanese Coast Guard shows that at least the second vent that appeared in late January is still active, feeding lava flows that continue to spread and currently have active fronts all along the eastern coast.

The first original vent (cone 1, right in the picture) that build the new island and grew to a nice, symmetrical cone, seems to be inactive at present.

The other vent is still active and has grown a bit since the previous overflight, with a crater that emits an ash and steam plume, presumably from mild explosive activity caused by infiltrating sea water that becomes in contact with the magma. Bluish gas on the pictures shows areas where active lava flows near their vents. 

Landsat 8 infrared images from 30 March show that there are active flow fronts all along the eastern coast, while only 2 lobes are active towards the west.

Ubinas (Peru): Ash emissions and small explosions originating at the new lava dome in the crater seem to increase in frequency. The resulting ash plumes have all been relatively small (so far).

Shiveluch (Kamchatka): An explosion occurred at the volcano this morning (Kamchatka time). An ash plume rose to approx. 20,000 ft (6 km) altitude (VAAC Tokyo).

Tungurahua (Ecuador):  The violent vent-clearing explosion on Friday evening has been followed by mild to moderate near-continuous strombolian activity.

Strombolian activity at Tungurahua volcano observed during the early morning of April 5, 2014.
Source : F. V├ísconez – OVT / IGEPN

Seismic activity decreased from about 23:00 (local time) 4 April, but remains still at levels considered high with a near-constant tremor signal suggesting the continuous rise of magma to the crater of the volcano.

View of the volcano this evening – steam and ash column is rising from the crater at the top (IGPEN webcam)

The observatory reported ejections of incandescent blocks that landed on the upper outer flanks and a steady steam and ash column rising 1-2 km. No significant ash fall occurred since Friday’s eruption.

Complete Earthquake list (worldwide) for April 7, 2014.

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