Giuliani: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey “covering up child pornography”

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News Story Source:, Ethan Huff
Seeing as how Twitter has no problem with people sharing the Borat prank story, Giuliani wants to know why the Biden Crime Family's treasonous behavior is off-limits on the social media platform.

"I think Jack Dorsey is covering up child pornography," Giuliani declared as the only possible explanation for why Twitter refuses to allow information about HunterGate to be shared.

"This is completely unjustifiable not to cover this story. It's completely un-American. It's inconsistent with everything we were founded to be."

Giuliani went on to compare Dorsey's treatment of HunterGate to the Japanese internment camps of old, "except it's being done to all of us," he says.

"This is outrageous what they're doing," Giuliani lamented.

Censoring HunterGate means colluding with America's enemies

Even if Dorsey is not guilty of harboring child pornography and those who create and spread it on his platform, Giulian
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