Getting to the outer solar system 15X faster with missions over 40 times larger

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News Story Source:, brian wang
By beaming hundreds of Megawatts to next-generation ion drive it will be 15 times faster

The system could propel a 12-year mission to 500 AU and could send missions to Pluto/Charon in 3.6 years and Jupiter missions in roughly a year.

The laser power is beamed to provide energy for the superior next generation ion drive. This means the ion drive can be pointed in different directions to move in any direction and to slow down. This means the systems could maintain their position with large telescopes at the gravitational lens points and shift to move around the sun to observe different stars and exoplanets on the other side.

Voyager has taken almost 41 years to reach 141 AU and will take about 150 years to reach 500 AU

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